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Reindeer Daughters' Ramble (large view)
Reindeer Daughters' Ramble
The body language of Reindeer
is always plural.' We' is 'Me', and 'Us'.
Three Reindeer Daughters set off
on a Early Winter Ramble.
The trio is unhurried and relaxed.
The path ahead of them
beckons with winding turns.
But they can still hear the Great Herd.
No Reindeer ever strays away
too far from the Many. The 'Us'.
These young Daughters
wander with arms entwined,
gossiping softly, pointing out
the small birds who fly with them
to listen in on all the News.
Their bodies move and relax
into each other without effort.
These moments of freedom
are a gift from the Goddess...
as is the warm companionship
these Reindeer Daughters
share for a brief, sweet
moment in time
28"H x 15"W