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Reindeer Daughters' Ramble (large view)
Reindeer Daughters' Ramble
The body-language of Reindeer
is always plural. Three is not a crowd,
why, even ten to twelve is barely Reindeer
enough for a good gossip while grazing.
These three Reindeer Daughters
are getting off the beaten-path,
following their mood-of-the-moment,
letting it lead them where it will....
as long as it's not too far from
the rest of The Great Herd.
Some Sisterly teasing seems
to be going on between these three.
Some pointing and some poking,
maybe a wee bit of budging or bumping.
But it's all in the Spirit of Good Fun...
just a trio of Reindeer Daughters
out for a bit of a Ramble while
there is still enough daylight to
beckon them around the
next bend of the Reindeer Road.
30"H x 15"W