Reindeer Cousins

Adventures can't be planned. Adventures happen
when least expected, and sometimes... when they
are least wanted. With a cousin in tow, this pair of
female Reindeer know that whatever lies ahead
of them, two pairs of eyes are better than one.
And two noses. And most of all, two hearts intrepid
and quick when confronting the unknown.
Accepting adventure is easier when you have
a true companion who's got your back.

Earth & Air Reindeer Daughter

This Reindeer Daughter jumps, flying
in dreams through the space between Earth
and Sky. She leaps, and is not afraid of
not knowing when and how she will
return to the firm solidity of the ground.
It is not trust or frolic or high spirits of
youth which propel her. This young Reindeer
leaps, because it is the only way to move forward.


Grandmother Reindeer & Birch

Grandmother Reindeer has an ancient, abiding
respect and love of trees. Birches in particular
call to her stalwart heart. Listening to the
falling leaves together bind Grandmother
and the Birch together in a deeply rooted relationship.
Grandmother's arm, legs, body core and antlers
are all harvested from the Birch. When she
returns from her travels, she will share
her best adventures with the Birch tree, and
together they will relax and ponder the
Nature of Great-Great-Great Grandmother
Universe. Why not?

This Grandmother wears a sturdy loop of
yarn in back for easy display.

Another Grandmother For The Road

Goodbye Grandmother.
Find a Home and Happiness,
and Share the special Magic you
have Shared so Generously with me.


Rambling With Grandmother

Grandmother Reindeer knows that sometimes
a Granddaughter just needs to ramble,
to wander and to take in the sights.
Destinations and migrations are all well,
good and necessary. But there are times
when the heart doesn't want to
be fettered and directed and mapped.
The Reindeer heart sometimes needs its space,
and it's freedom. For most female Reindeer
true freedom can be found only in the dark
chambers of the heart and mind. To set off
on a ramble means to release control,
and to go where the path goes without
question. These Reindeer companions
share that path and all its mysteries.

Grandmother Reindeer Gray

Snowy white holidays, all sparkling flakes
and soft sculpted landscapes....don't always happen.
Grandmother Gray knows that Winter is often
just cold and dark. Somehow, we have to find
the gleam and the magic in our hearts...not
in the outer bustling busy world, not even
in family and friends and seasonal celebrations.
This Grandmother Reindeer with her hefty pack
on her back is undeterred by the darkness
of the world and gray, gray skies above.
Her Heart Fire is the light in the darkness,
and it's warmth will power her through.
20" H x 8" W x 6" D   


Reindeer Elder

Growing old enough to become an Elder in the Great Herd
is considered by all Reindeer to be both an honor
and a responsibility. No Elder Reindeer would
ever wish to rid herself of her thick, powerful gray hairs.
She has grown and shed many seasons to earn her grays.
She has stayed warm under their protection.
The patterns of white and gray in her coat are
her unique signature on a life lived long and well.
Gray as a Reindeer Energy means both "Gone"
and "Going". Past and present are One.
A Reindeer Elder's gray glows
in the light of All-That-Was and All-That-Is,
and All-That-Might-Be.

This Petite Wall Sculpture/Doll has a sturdy
yarn loop in back so she can be hung up anywhere.

Grandmother Reindeer's Destination

Her pack is petite compared to some,
even though her journey has just begun.
What can Grandmother's destination be?
Who or what is she traveling to see?
No maps does she carry to find the way.
Perhaps her Mystery must 'just be' for today.

This petite wall sculpture hangs up anywhere
with sturdy yarn loop on back.

Good-Natured Reindeer Grandmother

Just like humans, some Reindeer Grandmothers
are just real 'sweet-hearts'. This little Grandmother
is one of those. Her stride is wide, and so is her
secret Reindeer smile. Being good-natured does
not mean she is a 'pushover' or a 'doormat' or
a 'goody-two-shoes'. When one's 'nature' is 'good'
it means kindness, patience, understanding and
humor are an inherent part of the personality.
What a blessing for the rest of us, that
such Beings exist!

This petite wall sculpture/doll hangs up
anywhere with sturdy yarn loop on back.

Grandmother Reindeer & Staff

Walking with confidence comes naturally
to all Grandmother Reindeer. Yet even with
their formidable antlers, many Grandmothers
chose to travel with a walking staff as well.
A staff creates a traveling space that's just
a little more balanced and secure. Stout
support in rough terrain, a staff can also
be used to defend oneself if powerful
antlers and large hooves aren't enough.
Simple and strategic, that's how
Grandmother Reindeer rolls.

This petite wall sculpture/doll hangs up
anywhere with sturdy yarn loop on back.
10" H x 6" W x 2" D   


Grandmother Reindeer In Red

Red is the color of blood and apples,
of autumn leaves and warm socks.
Wearing red has always been a sign
of confidence for any Grandmother
Reindeer. She is contained, prepared
and alert, like Grandmothers anywhere
on Earth. In the Great Herd, it is
the Elder Females who lead thousands
of other Reindeer on the Migration path
every fall and spring. The Grandmothers
know where they are going, and if
an individual Reindeer doesn't want to
get lost and go wandering, they had
better get in step behind her.

This Grandmother has a sturdy yawn loop
in back so she can be displayed anywhere
and everywhere.

What's In Grandmother's Pack?

So many Grandmothers with packs on their backs?
What can they all be carrying; I guess I'll have to ask.
I don't think it jingles or glitters or scowls.
I don't think it's bells or whistles or owls.
I feel a bit shy about asking them straight out:
What's in your pack, and what is your route?
So for a wee while longer, I'll just have to patient.
After all, these Grandmother Reindeer are ancient.

This petite wall sculpture/doll hangs up
anywhere with sturdy yarn loop on back.


Grandmother Gathering

This Grandmother Reindeer is gathering
birch bark... not because it's practical, but
because she loves the texture and color
of the bark, its curls and frills and
its markings like an old, old alphabet
waiting patiently to be read. This collection
of bark will not be added to the mysterious
contents of this Grandmother's pack.
Instead, this birch bark will create a cozy space
for her to read the stories the birch tree
is eager to share.

This petite wall sculpture/doll hangs up
anywhere with sturdy yarn loop on back.

Grandmother Reindeer's Autumn Ramble

Yes, in Autumn The Great Herd travels a Great
Distance in it's annual Fall Migration,
and it does so out of necessity and survival.
But sometimes, a Grandmother Reindeer
just needs a little ramble, a little wander,
a mellow stroll. She's just out to sniff the air,
listen to the gossip of the trees, and maybe
finding a nice patch of grass to nibble
as she contemplates the Universe and her
place in that Space.
It's all good.

This Grandmother has a sturdy loop
of yarn in back so she can be easily
displayed just about anywhere.

Reindeer Daughter Fall Migration

The Fall Migration is the yearly expedition of
the thousands of Reindeer in the Great Herd
heading for better feeding grounds. Mating season
and the migration itself overlap. There's a whole
lot of energy in the air. These Reindeer Daughters
are sticking close to each other, the better to
protect themselves from over-zealous males.
Since they are not yet yearlings, it is best to
leave the business of breeding to the full-grown
females who know what they're doing.
8" H x 4" W x 2" D   


Tawny Twin Sisters

In the Great Herd, Sisters stay close,
especially those born at the same time.
These two young Reindeer are hoofing
it side-by-side, off for a ramble and rollick.
But if they should find trouble instead,
they have each others' backs.
Two-for-One....it's more than just
a great sales line....it's survival.

These petite wall sculptures/dolls hang up anywhere
with sturdy yarn loops on back.
8" H x 3" W x 2" D   


Reindeer Daughters Embark

Female Reindeer survive by standing together.
The young females stay with their mothers
for two years before mingling with the Great Herd
on their own. Even as adults, the females
gather together to eat, rest and gossip.
These three daughters are about to set off
on a journey of their own for the first time.
Together, they will help each other survive.

These petite wall sculptures hang up anywhere
with a sturdy yarn loop on back.
8" H x 4" W x 2" D   


Reindeer Daughters of Frost & Shadow

Both frost and shadow can alter appearances
and shift perception of what is real, and
what is not. These three Reindeer Daughters
travel in the shifting worlds of frost and
shadow with confidence. Trusting their
intuition as much as their eyes, they
will find the path that leads them forward.

These petite wall sculptures/dolls hang up anywhere
with sturdy yarn loops on back.
9" H x 5" W x 2" D   


Reindeer Daughters Heading Out

Small in size but large of Heart and Hoof,
these Petite Reindeer Goddesses
are beginning a Journey to Lands
both near and far. Each ones wears clay totems
from the Great Herd to guide her and keep
her Spirit connected to the Larger Picture of Life.
Best Wishes, Little Ones.

These petite wall sculptures/dolls hang up
anywhere with sturdy yarn loops on back.
8" H x 3" W x 2" D   


Reindeer Mother & New Born

In the Earliest Spring, heavily pregnant female Reindeer
make a racing Migration northward in order to give birth
on their traditional northern feeding grounds. Only after
the calf has been born do the females shed their formidable
antlers. Although most calves are able to walk with the Herd
within a few hours of their birth, they are still wobbly and
vulnerable. Reindeer Mothers are fiercely protective of
their calves. The young Reindeer will stay with their Mothers
for two years or more, learning the Lore of Life. In this piece,
the Reindeer Mother and her New Born are sharing a brief,
tender moment of peace and closeness before rejoining
their Herd.

The Last Oak Leaf


Artist Out ForAir

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